GTA IV San Andreas - Snow Edition 4.0

A mod for the popular game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that sees the entire map covered in snow

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Because driving around like a jerk in Grand Theft Auto isn't enough, let's add snow! The Snow Edition mod for Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas is just all kinds of awesome. If you've never driven in snow--or driven at all--you're in for a face full of smash if you're not careful.

Why would we be careful in Grand Theft Auto anyway?

Before I talk about the driving, let's talk about the atmosphere. It's beautiful. We're not just looking at some random powered that covers all of the ground with ugly textures, the snow looks nice. Yes, even after Grand Theft Auto V and its wonderful graphics, the snow still looks nice.

The night lights of San Andreas are simply splendid, casting a warm glow over the passing powder as you navigate the city in a helicopter. Why not? The effects of the snow aren't as responsive as a fully integrated snow effect; snow doesn't flicker and fly as much as it should when you're skidding or landing an aircraft.

I'm mostly nitpicking, but since it's the Internet, that's normal. Skid marks and tire drag happen, but the important part is the wild driving and sliding that comes from going way too fast. Sometimes into other people.

Installation wasn't really a problem. If you have issues with the mod itself, try reinstalling or checking your system specs. The minimum requirements from Grand Theft Auto IV may not be enough, and the mod runs your installation up 4GB. Not bad if you have at least a mid-level gaming rig (quad core over 2.4Ghz, at least 4GB ram and more than 40GB of hard drive space left. Delete something!) for handling the game.


  • Beautiful setting. The game was already nice looking for its time, but having a full winter wonderland to commit crime is a great treat.
  • Sliding is fun. Seriously, if you want to test yourself at driving in the snow on a game (not easier or harder than real life, just different), this is the one of the better mods. The author, who frequents GTGarage, is really good at this.
  • You don't need a monster rig for this, but if you're going to play games, at least get a decent video card. Sixty or seventy dollars will get something nice. Try Newegg if you need suggestions, but don't get a card with less than 1GB GDDR5 for this game or the mod.


  • The file size is a little big. I can't complain too much, because I certainly don't know how to compress files efficiently, but it's a big mod.
  • More splash and snow physics could make things a bit more realistic. Again, I'm not going to knock the hard work of someone who made a mod in their spare time, but there's nothing wrong with some wishful thinking.
  • Falling snow would also be nice!

The cons are really more of my wishing out loud. It's a great mod from a great developer, and I'm sure it'll be an enjoyable addition to anyone looking for some extra mileage out of GTA4: San Andreas.

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